First Update!

Hello and welcome to our first dev blog for 'The Widows Boutique', an historical, Nordic-noir Visual Novel set in Oslo in the 1820s, then called Christiania.

My name is Maria, and I am the lead illustrator for the project. We will be using the dev-blog to reveal some of our future plans, show our work in progress, and to announce our updates.

And updates there will be. The game has only been out for a few days, but we have received very constructive input from several channels. Dear reader. Rest assured. Cats are coming. 

The path ahead leads to a Kickstarter, which will launch in just one week! The prototype for The Widows Boutique was a Norwegian game intended for a Norwegian audience. We are now in the process of updating and enhancing the game experience in the definite English, and potentially multilingual, version of the game. This means writing new scenes, adding art assets, improving characters, and adding new music.

Here are some samples of that work. 😊 

Kind regards, 


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